Being an Artist

Art Curriculum Statement of Intent 

Being an Artist at Chudleigh Primary School is an important component in our wide and varied curriculum. Our children are given engaging opportunities to work creatively, experimenting, inventing and creating works of art. The children explore drawing, painting, collage, print making and 3D, as well as developing their knowledge of established artist from the past and present, and those from near and far. They use art to explore the questions we pose in our enquiry-led curriculum and as a result gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be ‘an artist’ and of the broader curriculum.  

With a local context in mind, we have benefitted from donations from the Helen Foundation, a local based charity supporting the development of Arts in our community. This has enabled our children to broaden their knowledge and understanding of different types of Art and linked us with local artists. The children have engaged with workshops across a range of mediums e.g. mosaic, silk painting and art from recycled materials.

As a whole school we have worked with the local community to produce art installations for the annual Chudfest celebrations and for our Parish Church, St Martin and St Mary. These have included making giant trees, for an installation with an environmental focus, decorating local Christmas trees for our community to enjoy in the town square and producing artwork to decorate our Parish Church.  The children always love to spot their creations when they are out and about in the local community!


Art Progression Overview

"In May, the Year 3 children were fortunate to be visited by the artist Cara Roxanne. Cara delivered a workshop supported by The Helen Foundation and facilitated by Daisi. The children experimented with colour mixing, creating a colour wheel and a background wash using watercolour paints. It was delightful to see them closely observing the colours in our local environment. They took time to observe both the shape and colour of leaves before creating their own paintings. Once again, we are grateful to The Helen Foundation. It was wonderful to see the children benefit so much from this opportunity. Take a look at the wonderful pieces they produced."

Display Work