Year 2

Autumn Term

What could my classroom be made of?

How do we live a healthy life?

How can we help?

Religious Education

Who is Muslim and how do they live? Part 1

Why does Christmas matter to Christians?

 Spring Term

How are schools the same?

How will we get around in the future?

What is home?

Religious Education

Who is Muslim and how do they live? Part 2

Why does Easter matter to Christians?

 Summer Term

How do plants grow in Chudleigh?

What did Brunel do for Great Britain?

What else lives near me? 

Religious Education

What is the good news Jesus brings?

Autumn 2022 Knowledge Map



Children's activities and work 


Key Stage 1 Aesthetics Festival @ Teign School 14.03.23

The children in Year Two had a fantastic time at the aesthetics festival which was organised and run by the Year 9 sports leaders at Teign School this week.

The children enjoyed participating in different dance, gymnastic and yoga activities and rotated round a carousel of stations during the afternoon.

They were able to make use of the PE equipment in the sprots hall as well as making use of the dance studio.

There were around 200 children taking part in the event from 4 different schools in the partnership!

The children (and teachers) all came back buzzing about what a good time they had had and how well organised it was. Hopefully this will be an afternoon they remember.

What Could My Classroom Be Made From?

As part of this enquiry, we were Engineers. We had to design and make a model of a classroom. On our designs, we had to say which materials we would use and why. We thought about their properties and why they would be suitable for the different parts of a classroom. We learnt different joining techniques: flap, fold, flange and tab that we used when we were making our models, as well as cutting and sticking skills. We also had to use our skills of teamwork when working in our pairs to get the job done!

How Can We Live a Healthy Lifestyle?

As part of this enquiry we were Engineers. We had to design and make a healthy wrap. First, we thought carefully about our ingredients so that there was a balance of healthy and less healthy foods. Then, we learnt how to prepare our food by peeling, grating and chopping. Next, we enjoyed making our wraps by deciding how much of each ingredient to use. Finally, we especially enjoyed eating them! Yum Yum!

 Year 2 Team

Teachers Teaching Assistants
Mrs K Solway (Year 1 and 2 Team Leader) Mrs P Howell
Mrs C Haywood Ms T Thornalley
Mrs A Williams

Mrs L Mortimore