School Staff Details


Mrs Emily England

 Headteacher and responsibility for curriculum development.


Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Melanie Short

   Acting Deputy Head with leadership for disadvantaged pupils.


Teaching Staff  

Foundation Stage - Mrs Alison Cherry Team Leader

Foundation Stage - Mrs Charlotte McGibben/Mrs Vivienne Bowld

Year 1  - Mrs Christina Haywood/Mrs Carol Walters

Year 1/2 - Miss Sarah Jenks/Mrs Sarah Preece

Year 2 - Mrs Suzi Heilbrunn

Year 2 - Ms. Kate Einzig Year 1/2 Team Leader

Year 3 - Mrs Bryony Bushell

Year 3 - Mr Simon McGlynn

Year 3 - Miss Sandra Gill

Year 4 -  Mr Craig Taylor

Year 4 - Miss Suzanne Wright Yr 3/4 Team Leader

Year 5 - Mrs Sarah Edmonds/Mrs Amanda Gale

Year 5 - Mrs Belinda Lacey

Year 6 - Miss Caroline Morgan Yr 5/6 Team Leader

Year 6 - Ms Sheena Taylor 



Mrs Jo Counter

With responsibility for progress and provision for all identified SEN children.

Safeguarding Team

Senior Designated Person is Mrs. Emily England
Deputy Designated Persons are Mrs Melanie Short, Miss Caroline Morgan Mrs Kate Einzig and Mrs Janet Joffe

Teaching Assistants

We have a large team of Teaching Assistants who provide support to staff, to individual pupils and to learning groups across the school. Many of them have taken additional qualifications to enhance their skills and talents. Some are assigned to children whose educational, social or physical needs require one to one support, thus promoting an inclusive education for all pupils. As well as direct classroom support, TA's carry out a multitude of other duties essential to the smooth running of a large school. 

School Counsellor

Mrs Janet Joffe 

Business Management

The first ‘port-of-call’ for visitors and parents is the school office where our business management team provide a warm welcome and answer queries. Frances, our School Business Manager, is ably supported by Ruth, Sarah and Helen. They have responsibility for all administrative procedures relating to pupils, finance, assessment, attendance etc.

Site Manager

David Depoiy 

 Kitchen Staff

School meals are prepared daily in the school kitchen by Lisa, Lyn & Debbie. The emphasis is very much on healthy menus, with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, supplementing the nutritionally balanced and varied main courses. A computer is used for up-to-date administration of meals and ‘dinner money’.


Meal Time Assistants

Our team of Meal Time Assistants, led by Sharon, help children in the dining hall and supervise them during lunchtime play. They help ensure that lunchtime is a pleasurable experience.