Our School Curriculum

As we live in a fast-changing world, we recognise the importance of preparing our children for the opportunities and challenges of life in the 21st century. To this end, we offer a creative, broad and balanced enquiry led curriculum which will help all children to become successful learners and confident, responsible individuals who have a sense of agency* and develop to recognise their role as citizens of the world. The requirements of the National Curriculum are followed but we also respond to the interests, experiences and opinions of our children wherever possible.

The enquiry led curriculum always starts with a question which provides purpose, and this question needs to be answered, developing children’s skills in: explaining, justifying, convincing, describing, analysing and reasoning whilst also developing research and investigation skills too. At the beginning of new Enquiries, children complete an initial vocabulary assessment in order to ensure teaching is appropriately pitched and pertinent to the needs of the pupils. This task is then repeated as the Enquiry draws to an end and used as an assessment tool. At the end of Enquiries, we also plan an independent challenge, where children have the opportunity to show what they have learnt. 

Visits to local and regional places of interest as well as exploiting the skills of those in the local and church community often complement the enquiry led curriculum.

As a school we are proud of our Christian ethos and distinctiveness, and we want a curriculum which continues to develop and enhance our ethos – one that develops a sense of hope and agency as well as supporting Courageous Advocacy in the new SIAMS framework. We want it to be located in the local community but also within national and international contexts too- developing our children as global citizens of the future.

At Chudleigh Primary School you will hear us all talking about being geographers, artists, scientists, musicians etc. With a focus on a lead state of being and supporting states of being, learners start to explore the interconnection between subjects and disciplines. For example, being a geographer and scientist in Year 3, ‘What is underneath our feet?’ enquiry.

(*a sense they can make a difference in their own lives and in the wider community)