Collective Worship


Chudleigh Pioneers recently led our Collective Worship based on the teachings of the Good Samaritan.

Our Prayers for those caught up in the Hurricanes

In our whole school Collective Worship we thought about the men, women and children affected by the hurricanes. These are the prayers that we shared as we lit candles in our worship.

O Lord Hear my prayer

Almighty God, we think of the tragedy and destruction caused by the recent hurricanes.

We think of the men, women and children still stranded by the rain and floods.

We pray for all those who are trapped and afraid and waiting to be rescued.

 O Lord Hear my prayer

Heavenly Father, we think of all those who have lost their homes and we pray that they may find shelter and safety.

Give courage and wisdom to those working to board up windows, pack precious belongings, and make decisions on behalf of their families.

We pray for all those left with nothing because of the destruction of the storm. Lord, let people be generous and share what they have with one another.

 O Lord Hear my prayer

Holy Spirit, comfort the families who have lost loved ones in the storm. Wrap your arms around them and take away their fear.

Be with those who are suffering in any way and comfort them in their sorrow.

Father God, speak into the hearts and minds of those who are sad. Heal them in body, mind and spirit.

 O Lord Hear my prayer

Lord, please be with the rescue workers and keep them safe as they make heroic efforts in dangerous situations to rescue those in trouble.

Thank you for the Armed forces and for their strength and expertise as they rescue people.

Thank you for the local clergy and lay leaders who will minister to the affected communities. Give them energy and wisdom as they help with the many physical and spiritual needs.

 O Lord Hear my prayer

Father God, we love you and we need you in times of peace and in times of storm and chaos. Thank you for being with us through everything.


We ask these prayers in Jesus Name. Amen