Being an Engineer 

Design and Technology Curriculum Statement of Intent

Design Technology learning  at Chudleigh Primary School is focussed on providing children with opportunities to design and make products that solve challenges and problems that relate to real-life contexts.

The Design and Technology programmes in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 closely support our enquiry based curriculum and help to reinforce the links between the ‘design and make’ process and the world around us. Throughout the process, children are encouraged to be imaginative and creative in their thinking.  We nurture and grow their knowledge and understanding of design and spend time teaching and developing practical skills – including woodwork, moving mechanisms, textiles, and food technology.

As part of their work in Design and Technology,  children will consider and evaluate the effectiveness, function and impact of their designs and materials chosen. They will be encouraged to see the value in mistakes made and to make ongoing changes and improvements to produce a finished product.

Design and Technology Progression Overview