Year 5

Autumn Term Enquiries

Why is my local area important?

Where does the sun go at night?

How can science help in a natural disaster?

How do I show what I believe in?

Spring Term Enquiries

Why was our food rationed?

Autumn 2022 Knowledge Map



Children's work 

As part of our Enquiry ‘How can Science help in a Natural Disaster?’ the children conducted experiments to see if reactions were reversible or irreversible. These experiments involved filtering, burning and evaporating substances.


One of our challenges for Enquiry was to make tasty oat biscuits, which we encouraged our parents to buy to help to raise money for Shelter Box Charity.


As a part of our R.E curriculum, we studied the Gospels in the New Testament and read their accounts of the Christmas story. We used watercolours to recreate pictures of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

How can you show what you believe in? We began our enquiry by visiting our local church and drawing some of the significant objects. We reflected on how Christian beliefs are displayed through different artefacts. We then studied the Ancient Mayan civilisation and considered the beliefs that were important to them. Our final challenge was to portray different beliefs through a collaborative art piece. At times, this was challenging as we all had to respect the contributions of each other in the collages.

FairTrade Conference 2022 By Benjamin S

On the 9th of March, the Year 5 pupils at Chudleigh, Chudleigh Knighton, and Christow schools met up with some pupils from Teign school, to learn about and participate in activities about fair-trade in the school hall. Presenting the inter-school gathering were Luke, who works for Owens Roastery, Sue, a meteorologist, and Sue, a fair trade communicator. The theme for this years fair-trade was coffee growers in Rwanda, which is in East Africa. The children learned about fair trade, how too much farming can affect the climate, both globally and locally. To begin with, the children completed a quiz about fair trade coffee. Michael, who attends Chudleigh Knighton school, stated “The quiz was difficult, but incredibly fun, and I learned loads!” Sue (meteorologist) explained how the coffee farming could affect the environment, and also how climate change could affect the quantity and quality of the coffee beans produced. Sue (fair trade communicator) talked about how the coffee beans were grown and prepared for transport. Luke related to how his colleagues and himself turned the green vegetation smelling, green coffee beans into the rich, brown ones we know ourselves. He also explained why bio-plastics were far more sustainable than normal plastic, and how his roastery ensures that it’s creating as little climate change as is realistically possible. After the input was completed, cake with completely fair trade ingredients was served, along with fair trade bananas. Following this, the children were encouraged to think of ideas to make their different schools more eco-friendly. Theo, a Year 5 pupil at Chudleigh school, said that his family would choose fair trade over anything else whenever possible, recognising the difference it would make. Clearly, the meeting of Devon schools on the topic of fair trade was a complete success. The pupils at the participating schools definitely agreed that more inter-school meetings would be brilliant.

Mental Health Week 2022

Y5 brought their favourite games into school and enjoyed playing these with their peers. Everybody had such an enjoyable afternoon and it was good to relax, share, take turns and have fun!

Year 5 Team

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Mrs B Lacey  Mrs Ann Clarke
Mrs S Edmonds Mrs Emma Oliver
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