Maths & Calculation Strategy

Our aim at Chudleigh C of E Community Primary School is to involve children in maths that is challenging and fun for everyone. We develop children's confidence in handling numbers and solving problems by relating work as much as possible to daily life experiences.

Maths is an essential element of communication which allows children to describe, illustrate, predict and provide clear explanations for their answers. They are encouraged to share ideas and talk about their methods in order to secure their understanding. They are also equipped with a range of calculation strategies in order that they can choose appropriate methods to solve problems.

The new mastery curriculum involves a much greater depth of understanding through fewer topics. The children work to develop their reasoning skills through discussions where they can challenge their own and others’ thinking. They also need to be able to apply their learning to a range of different contexts in order that their understanding is secure. Children need to be able to demonstrate or explain a concept orally, visually, concretely and abstractly to have really mastered it.

Fluency is another important aspect of the new curriculum. Knowing addition and subtraction facts as well as times tables (up to the 12 times table) is essential in order that this knowledge can be applied to problem solving tasks rather than it dominating the working memory.

Through a varied and engaging curriculum, children show evidence of independent application in all contexts. In doing this we aim to develop confident mathematicians who are inquisitive learners.


Chudleigh Primary School's Calculation Strategy 

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