In Geography children are inspired to develop curiosity and fascination about the world around them and the people within it. The geography curriculum aims to equip the children with knowledge and understanding about the diverse places, people, resources and environments around them. It also aims to explore the Earth’s physical and human processes through a wide range of integrated topics.

Most of the Geography curriculum is delivered through our enquiry based approach which allows for the development of:-

  • knowledge about the location of significant places
  • understanding of key physical and human features of the world
  • competency with geographical skills (interpreting data, reading maps) and fieldwork
  • communicating geographical information in a variety of ways e.g. drawing maps, creating graphs

In both Key Stages work covers Locational Knowledge, Place Knowledge, Human and Physical Geography, Geographical Skills and Fieldwork. Topics are carefully chosen to include strong geographical elements which allow the development of enquiry, research and recording skills of all kinds.