Geography Curriculum Statement of Intent

As Geographers at Chudleigh Primary School, we want all learners to have access to ‘a high-quality geography education.’

We aim to inspire children to want to find out about the world, who inhabits it and the links between them. Our Geography curriculum aims to equip the children with knowledge and understanding about the diverse places, people, resources, and environments around them. It also aims to explore the Earth’s physical and human processes through a wide range of enquiries. We aim to provide opportunities where children develop a curiosity about our local community and the wider world.

We believe that children learn best by starting from their own experience. In the early years being a geographer involves the children using their senses to explore the world around them, asking questions and making comments about aspects of their familiar surroundings. They look at the features and similarities and differences of where they live and go to school, as well as other locations within their local community.

Throughout the rest of the school geographers learn through an enquiry-led approach which stimulates investigation, questioning and thinking as well acquiring key knowledge. We aim for children to be 'local citizens' of today in order to become ‘global citizens’ of the future. As geographers the children make full use of the richness of our local environment. Much of Chudleigh’s field work takes place in our local environment by Kate Brook, farmland and the high street. Children develop and revisit their understanding and skills in the following areas of Geography.