At Chudleigh we value the importance of history as a means of developing children’s curiosity about the past and understanding of how history has shaped our world today.

We aim to develop a range of skills which enable children to ask questions and think critically about a wide range of topics

We adopt a cross-curricular approach linking our work, in particular, with Literacy, Maths, Geography, Art, ICT and PSHE. We follow the requirements of the National Curriculum where topics covered relate to local, national and world history.

Through our topics we aim to give the children a sense of chronology, and understanding of how change has impacted on people’s lives in the past and present.

To enhance the childrens’ learning we visit places of historical interest and invite visitors who have specific expertise into school.

At Key Stage 1 pupils develop an awareness of the past through thinking about their own lives, their families and friends, and how/why lives have changed over time. They learn about people and events in the distant past through cross-curricular topics linked to flight, trains, and the history of our immediate locality.

At Key Stage 2, children develop a sense of chronology, securing knowledge and understanding of British, local and world history through a cross-curricular approach. Children study Ancient Greece, Egypt and Bagdad and begin to draw comparisons between them. They learn about Invaders : The Roman Empire, Anglo-Saxons and the changes in Britain from the stone Age to the iron Age. More recent history focuses on Child Labour laws, World War 2 and the impact rivers have had on our lives.