Design and Technology

Design and Technology is a popular subject at Chudleigh Primary School. Each year, every class has the opportunity to develop their skills and understanding in food Technology, Materials and Mechanisms. This term, the Year 6′s have been making bread and enjoyed an interesting visit to Tesco’s Bakery in Newton Abbot, The highlight of which was a demonstration of jam being put into the doughnuts!

Other topics studied this term have been biscuit making, homes, pop-up books and vehicles. In Year 2, even some of our parents were kept busy, as they supported their children with the homework task of making a wheeled vehicle. Next term will bring many more exciting projects, so watch this space to find out what’s happening.

By Sarah and Rebecca

Design and Technology offers the opportunity for children to apply themselves intellectually and creatively in providing solutions to technological problems.

The aim of our school is to develop an interest and enthusiasm in designing and making for all children.

Design and Technology spans the curriculum, drawing on, and linking other knowledge and skill areas.

There are three main activity types, which contribute to learning development in Design and Technology.

  1. Focused Practical Tasks in which children learn skills and techniques to assist designing and making.
  2. Product Evaluation Tasks in which children explore existing products and use what they find to add to their own repertoire of skills, knowledge and understanding.
  3. Design and Make assignments in which children use the knowledge gained in ’2′ to design and make products to meet specific needs.

Our scheme of work is structured so that each of these areas receives appropriate coverage. Each year group has a specific focus every term to develop knowledge and understanding and to experience working in a range of materials. Links with other curriculum areas are developed wherever possible.

The children progress in their use of tools and are taught how to use each tool safely. Risk Assessment is carried our by each teacher prior to any activity involving potentially dangerous tools.