Religious Education

Key Stage One worked together learning about Moses. We listened to the story of Moses and then worked in teams to make this display.

These are some of the comments children made about the day… 

‘I liked writing my own set of rules because they can help make the world a better place.’

‘My favourite bit was when Moses banged his staff and the sea opened up to let the people through.’

‘I didn’t like it when the locusts came because they destroyed everything and no one would have anything to eat.’

‘The burning bush reminds me of God making me feel all warm inside.’

‘I wonder if Moses was frightened when he was left in the basket in the river!’

‘That must have been amazing to walk through the sea. It must have been soooooo high!’

‘Moses must have been a good leader because he listened to God and tried to do the right thing everyone.’

‘It’s like raining frogs!’

‘It was brilliant working with Year One. Can we do it again?’