Prayer Day 2019

Each year group started their prayer time by saying this opening prayer.

Let Us Pray

As we gather together

Lord help us to concentrate on you.

As we set aside the things that distract us

Lord help us to concentrate on you.

As we leave the hustle and bustle of our classrooms

Lord help us to concentrate on you.

As we forget about ourselves

Lord help us to concentrate on you.

During our prayer day for ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, each Year Group spent time in the hall visiting different prayer stations. We ended our time by lighting candles and reflecting silently on what we had experienced. It was a fantastic day and we loved having the opportunity to think about others and pray in different ways. Our theme of prayers this year was ‘Sharing the light of Jesus with others in our school our community and across the world’.

Jesus is the Light of the World

Prayer Point 1 - Concertina Candles

Prayer Point 2 - Carrying the torch for others

Prayer Point 3 – Plaster Prayers

Prayer Point 4 – Let your little light shine

Prayer Point 5 – Lighthouse of love

Prayer Point 6 - Prayer Pumpkin

Prayer Point 7 - Lighting up the World in Prayer

Prayer Point 8 - Light Bulb Moments

Prayer Point 9 - Stars on Sticks

Prayer Point 10 - Walk in the Light of the Lord

Prayer Point 11 - Doves of Peace

Prayer Point 12 - Jesus your light is shining within me

Prayer Point 13 - Spreading the light

Prayer Point 14 - Rev’d Paul’s Prayer Point

Final Gathering Prayer - The Lord's Prayer