Sex & Relationships Education Programme

During the Spring Term across our school we deliver our Sex and Relationships Education Programme which is closely linked with our PSHE Programme (personal, social, health and economic education). It is a developmental programme and based around seven topics – keeping safe, feelings, relationships, gender stereotypes, online technology safety, my body and lifecycles. The lessons for each Year Group are listed below and are delivered through interactive programmes, discussions and group activities:

Year 1

  • Introducing Yasmin and Tom and things that change as you get older (challenging gender stereotypes)
  • Friendships and Feelings
  • My Brilliant Body
  • Keeping Clean and Taking Care of Myself 

Year 2 

  • Different Families
  • Naming Body Parts
  • Keeping Safe 

Year 3

  • Introducing Yasmin and Tom
  • Me, Myself and I - developing a positive sense of self
  • What Makes a Good Friend?
  • Is it risky? Managing and Assessing Risk 

Year 4

  • Gender Stereotypes and Aspirations
  • Families and Getting on with our Families
  • My Personal and Private Body Parts and Keeping Safe
  • Body Care
  • People who can help us on and offline 

Year 5

  • Introducing Yasmin and Tom
  • Online and Offline Relationships
  • Friendships and Secrets
  • Changes at Puberty
  • Periods (menstruation)
  • Wet dreams and masturbation
  • Equality and the law
  • Getting help

Year 6

  • Changes at Puberty
  • Periods (menstruation)
  • Friendships and Pressure
  • Keeping Safe: safe and unsafe touch
  • Keeping Safe: Online Images
  • Making Babies - Sexual Intercourse
  • Making Babies - Assisted Fertility and Multiple Births
  • Making Babies - Pregnancy and Birth
  • Identity and Prejudice (sexual orientation)
  • Getting Help