Sex & Relationships Education Programme

During the Spring Term across our school we deliver our Sex and Relationships Education Programme which is closely linked with our PSHE Programme (personal, social, health and economic education). It is a developmental programme and based around seven topics – keeping safe, feelings, relationships, gender stereotypes, online technology safety, my body and lifecycles. The lessons for each Year Group are listed below and are delivered through interactive programmes, discussions and group activities:

Year 1

  • Keeping safe in the house
  • Relationships: Friends
  • Life Cycles: Different Ages
  • My Body: External body Parts
  • Keeping safe: People who can help me
  • Feelings: different emotions
  • Gender Stereotypes: Toys 

Year 2 

  • Keeping safe: Out and about
  • My Body: Internal Body Parts
  • My body: Keeping Clean
  • Life Cycles: Looking after babies
  • Feelings: What to do when we feel sad
  • Relationships: Different families
  • Gender Stereotypes: Similar and Different
  • Online Technology Safety: Taking Care online
  • Online Technology Safety: Who can help us 

Year 3

  • Gender Stereotypes: Jobs we do
  • Keeping safe: Personal Space
  • Keeping safe: Identifying risk
  • Feelings: Expressing our feelings
  • Relationships: Getting on with your family
  • Online Technology safety: Photos of myself online
  • Life Cycles: Growing up and getting older
  • Life Cycles: Me, myself and I 

Year 4

  • Keeping safe: Good touch and bad touch
  • Gender Stereotypes: Mothers and Fathers
  • My Body: Keeping clean and not spreading germs
  • Feelings: Managing our feelings
  • Relationships: What makes a good friend?
  • Online Technology safety: Taking care online- who can help us?
  • Keeping safe: people who can help me 

Year 5

  • Gender Stereotypes – discrimination and equal opportunities
  • Online Technology safety: Cyberbullying
  • Relationships: Trust
  • Feelings: How easy is it to talk about…Keeping safe: saying no
  • Keeping safe: People who can help me
  • My Body-Sexual body parts- male
  • My Body- Sexual body parts-female
  • My body: Puberty
  • My body: Periods
  • My body: wet dreams 

Year 6

  • Gender Stereotypes- sexual orientation
  • Online Technology safety: Social Networking and sending pictures
  • Relationships: Peer pressure
  • Feelings: Talking to people about how we feel
  • My body: Puberty
  • My body: Periods
  • My body: wet dreams
  • Life cycles: How babies are made-sexual intercourse
  • Life cycles: How babies are made- assisted fertility
  • Life cycles: multiple births
  • Life cycles: How babies are born