Spring Term 2019

Year 4 Residential

We all had a fantastic time at Heatree Activity Centre, Manaton on our two night residential despite the cold weather. We took part in four activities: bushcraft, archery, the low adventure course and rock scrambling.


 During bushcraft, we built shelters in groups, learnt how to light fires safely, whittled a stick so that we could toast marshmallows and made a basic bread mix which we cooked over the fire. It tasted really yummy!


 Archery was a new skill for lots of us. Although many of us found it difficult to hit the target at first, with perseverance, we improved and a few of us even hit the bulls eye. The instructors made the activity enjoyable by playing games like Super heroes, pizza making and pop the balloon.

Low adventure course

 The low adventure course was lots of fun and we loved getting muddy in the bog at the end. We had to complete lots of different challenges some as an individual, some in pairs and some as a group.

 Rock Scrambling

 Rock scrambling on Hound Tor was challenging and rewarding. We had to climb up and over rocks and squeeze through tiny gaps. Some were only just big enough for us to fit though but we made it!

 What if our Chudleigh walls could talk?

 Lego Catapults

 We had a brilliant morning with Julian Surtees from 'Technic Lego in Schools' building catapults and testing them by firing Lego men across the playground. The furthest distance was 15 metres.

In Maths, we investigated patterns in times tables. We enjoyed writing on the tables.

What happens to our food?

Digestive System

We spent time learning about the organs in the digestive systems and finding out what their job was. We enjoyed making faeces practically and explaining how the digestive system works.