Autumn Term 2018

What makes our School Special?

We worked in groups of four discussing and listing what we thought was special about our school. We took a tour around our school and added any extra ideas we had.

Finally, we identified four main groups: special people, fabulous facilities, enriching opportunities and serving community.

Individually, we chose six things which we thought were really special about our School and collected some data from the year group. We presented this data on a bar chart and answered questions about the data.

In pairs, we chose one special place and identified all the special features about that place. We presented our ideas on the iPad using Pic Collage.

Our challenge was to use the Apps Stop Motion and iMovie to create reports about our special area. We had to use Muddies as  characters and A3 photos as backdrops

Creating our iMovies

Some of our completed iMovies

What is the difference between noise and sound?

We started this enquiry by taking part in five different activities:

1.) Mr Taylor spun a bull roarer around his head. The faster it spun, the louder the sound was.

2.) We poured peppercorns and salt onto the skin of a drum and hit the drum with a drum stick. The harder we hit the drum, the higher the peppercorns jumped.

3.)We flicked a ruler which was over hanging a table. The harder we flicked it, the more the ruler vibrated.

4.) After we hit a tuning fork on the table, we quickly put it into water. The harder we hit the tuning fork, the bigger the ripples in the water.

5.) Carefully, we stretched an elastic band between two fingers and flicked it. The harder we flicked it, the louder the twanging sound was.


We found out that sound is made by vibrations.

We made string telephones out of 2 cups and a piece of string.

We explored pitch using cups and water.

We went for a walk to Chudleigh woods and made musical instruments out of natural materials. E.g. sticks, stones, leaves the bark on the trees etc.


Our end of enquiry challenge was to make a musical instrument. If possible, we had to make an instrument that made different pitched sounds.

Once everyone had made their instrument, we composed a piece of music in small groups and performed it to the rest of the year group.

Making our instruments

Some of our completed instruments

Why do we live here?

Our engage activitiy for this enquiry was to hide some treasure in the outdoor space of our School. We than came in and drew a map for another group to follow. Some of our maps were clearer than others and not all of the treasure was found.


We made a symbol of the shelter in our Environmentl Area out of natural materials. We started by measuring the size of it in steps. We then used the scale 1 step = 1 pinky width (the width of our little finger) to create our symbol so that it fitted on a piece of A4 paper.

For homework, we were asked to design an island or region considering the essential things people would need to settle. E.g. water facilities, food resources, shelter, fuel and transport links.


Some of us made models using Paper Mache, Lego or other craft materials. Others used pencil and paper and included a key. We really enjoyed this homework and hope that you enjoy looking at some of our creations...

As part of Children in Need, we spent time taking about caring. We discussed what we thought caring meant, who we care for and how we show that we care. We looked at a variety of symbols and created some for people who care for us. Finally, we created a symbols that we believed represented caring. 


We drew around our hands and drew the symbols on the palm. On the fingers, we wrote words or phrases that we thought represented caring and created a caring tree in our classrooms. 

Year three and Year Four worked in pairs to create a collaborative piece of art work based on the painting from Daniel Bonnell 'The baptism of Jesus'.

End of Enquiry Challenge

 For our end of Enquiry challenge, we were given an Ordnance Survey map of Chudleigh. We used these to make topographic clay models of Chudleigh and the surrounding area.We had to look at the landscape carefully to ensure we included the contours.