Shrove Tuesday

We found out about Shrove Tuesday and why people eat pancakes on this day. Then, we made pancakes in small groups.

After we had made the pancakes, we all ate one. We used the spare pancakes in the afternoon for pancake races and we all had a go at flipping them. Even though it started to rain, we all had a great time!

Why do we live here?

We went for a walk around Chudleigh to compare and contrast the different areas. During our walk, we had 3 activities:

1.) To make a story stick- We had to collect items on our journey and tie them to a stick so that we could retell our walk when we got back to school.

2.) Before we left school, we made prayer pebbles as we had been learning about the Tibetan Prayer Flags. Our prayers were about the environment and we drew a symbol to represent our prayer onto a pebble.

3.) While we were in the wood, we made little temples/shelters and placed our pebbles inside. 

Our end or enquiry challenge was to make a model of a settlement. We had to consider the essentials for any settlement: water, shelter, warmth and food.

As part of our writing, we went to Dart Rock. We learnt all about being safe when climbing and had a go at bouldering and climbing which was so much fun!