Spring Term 2018/19

Chinese New Year 

 We had an exciting week learning about Chinese New Year. This year it is the year of The Pig. We have tried writing using Chinese letters, made red and gold Chinese lanterns and colourful paper plate dragon masks. We have also discussed the type of food eaten to celebrate Chinese New Year like noodles and pancake rolls. We would like to say a special thank you to Choys of Bovey Tracey for donating some chopsticks and also to Teans Thai Kitchen and Ka Ming in Newton Abbot for supplying extra chopsticks and enough fortune cookies for all the children. We had fun trying them at our celebration on Friday and hope they bring us luck!


How are schools the same?

We kick started this topic by visiting lots of the classrooms in our school and playing ‘Silent Snap’, looking for things that were the same in each classroom. We also looked at pictures of classrooms from schools around the world and in groups, the children identified what they could see that was the same as our classroom. We introduced them to Nayamba School in Zambia. We looked at where Zambia is on a world map, learnt the Continents song and labelled a world map with the continents. Through this enquiry we looked at the human and physical features that we could see on Google Maps. We compared the aerial photographs of Chudleigh Primary School and Nayamba School. We had a visit from Vanessa Pestridge who has a connection with the school in Zambia. She taught the children some of the songs the African children sing and explained what the school was like. Our challenge activity for this enquiry was to work in small groups and prepare a presentation of what they have learnt about how Nayamba School and Chudleigh School are the same. A few of these can be found below. 

Snow Fun

On February 1st we had the best break time playing in the snow. We got to play with our friends from every year group. We rolled big snowballs, built snowmen, made snow angels and had snowball fights with the teachers.