Key Stage One 

Autumn Term 2018 

What makes a good friend?

In the first two weeks of term, we embraced our new enquiry around friendship. With the question, 'what makes a good friend?' we took part in many activities that helped our knowledge and understanding of friendship qualities. We created a friendship recipe, made biscuits which we decorated then gave them to our buddy and took part in many team building activities. 

What could my classroom be made out of?

Within this topic, our main states of being were Engineers and Scientists. We looked at all the different materials and did lots of investigations based around which materials are strong and which could are weak. Throughout the enquiry, we went on plenty of walks around our local community to look at different structures and discuss their properties. 

In small groups, we used team work to make small prototype dens to allow us to build our skills on joining materials together. Some materials were trickier to join than others so we had to use perseverance.  

Finally, our challenge was to design an outdoor classroom and say what materials we would use based on everything we have learnt and why we would use this material. We also used our engineering skills to build a wall which you can see in our courtyard. 

How does Chudleigh change in Autumn?